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Looking to innovate, develop a new process or require technical advice to help improve efficiencies within an existing one? We will connect you to experts that can help. From guidance implementing Lean Manufacturing processes to providing you with insight regarding how you can implement industry 4.0 practices throughout your company, we are best placed to assist in taking your company to the next level. Innovation is essential in any sector and enables businesses to compete in constantly changing markets, by developing completely new processes, or by making changes to improve existing ones. Innovation is at the heart of successful businesses, making them more effective, efficient and competitive.

Manufacturing process improvement


If you are developing or improving processes then it’s likely you will qualify for R&D grants. We can connect you to an R&D tax specialist as well as connecting you to specialist patent advisers to help protect your IP. Many of the manufacturers we work with weren't initially aware that they could claim tax back from their investments in innovation - but you can. We work with an independent R & D tax credit specialist to support new applications on a no win no fee basis, that has already recouped over £4million for Manufacturing firms like yours.

Manufacturing R&D grants and patents


Looking to access finance as part of your expansion plans? We will connect you to experts that will ensure you get the right finance for the specific project you have in mind. We know that manufacturers often face specific challenges when it comes to utilising and accessing finance. One of the main inhibitors to growth is seen as an inability by SMEs to access the finance they need in order to develop. From getting you in touch with banks willing to lend, to alternative routes to accessing finance such as grants and how to make a successful application, let us help you find the finance to fund your expansion plans.

Finance for manufacturers


If you are looking to enter new markets, or build your brand and acquire more share of an existing market, let us put you in touch with the experts that can help you make this happen. The advancement in technology, alongside an improving economy is giving a continued boost to the manufacturing industry. As a result, it has opened up more opportunities for manufacturers to seize. The flip side of this is the consequential increase in competition. Adding complication to that is the changing balance of power in the sales process; from your salespeople knocking on doors, to the buyer having a wealth of information available to him or her. Marketing for the manufacturing industry has never been more important. We can help sign post you to an expert to help in developing a marketing strategy, raise your profile through PR and also further develop your brand.

Marketing for manufacturers


Dealing with legal matters can be a minefield for manufacturers; we can therefore put you in touch with experienced lawyers whose clients include prominent international, national and regional manufacturers. They can help you deal with a wide range of legal issues and sectors including energy, industrial, food & drink, metals & materials, automotive and chemicals. These corporate lawyers can provide you with all the legal documents, processes and support manufacturers need for their everyday operations. They can also help with litigation and dispute resolution, advice on mergers and acquisitions, disposals and private equity transactions. Our specialists will also advise on criminal and regulatory investigations, employment law, International law, Intellectual Property issues, restructuring and insolvency, and SME-specific issues.

Legal services